Some components of a/a Personal Profile

Active, aggressive, authoritarian, brutal, competitive, courageous, daring, decisive, determined, dynamic, effective, energetic, enthusiastic, extrovert, tough, impetuous, impulsive, inflexible, ruthless, obstinate, over-achiever, passionate, powerful, quick to anger, resourceful, result-oriented, self-confident, seductive, tenacious, tireless, stubborn, vehement, etc...

( These characteristics contribute, in different degrees, to make up the Dominant Person. See further details regarding the use of the two hemispheres in

Of all the combinations in this system, this is the most energetic and masculine. The person who belongs to this type is like a warrior addicted to his own sense of invincibility. Behaves energetically, aggressively and confidently. Feels fulfilled only when able to express him/herself forcefully and achieve his/her goals. Has great strength of character, shows great self-confidence and has no fear of facing difficult situations. Is able to adapt to changes both in the private and work spheres, without fearing difficulties. Gets easily upset if he/she does not have precise aims in life. Has to feel always active and can be depressed when has nothing to do. Believes essentially only in tangible things that he/she can see and touch. Unhappy with sedentary jobs, his/her main aim is to be independent, to have power and to be able to travel a lot. Is very incisive in interpersonal relations, can sometimes display poor diplomacy, strong competitiveness, and, in the long term, may upset or offend others. This person loves to be clear, simple and direct, admires sincerity and loyalty in others, and tries to be so with others. However painful it may be, prefers the absolute truth and does not believe in white lies or in being neutral; things are either white or black. Does not feel at ease with people who won't take positions or risks. One of the first things he/she needs to know, in new acquaintances, is what lies behind appearances. Those who choose the middle ground or avoid commitment are his/her enemies. In interpersonal relations may not always be very sociable. This person is, above all, results-oriented.

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