Some components of b/b Personal Profile

Able to lead others, ambitious, arrogant, audacious, authoritarian, control-oriented, good-humoured, courteous, eccentric, eloquent, endearing, enthusiastic, expansive, extrovert, fair, flexible, forceful, generous, grandiloquent, honest, incisive, independent, influencial, quick to anger, ironic, jovial, liberal, malicious, open, optimistic, original, outgoing, powerful, prestigious, proud, protective, self-confident, sincere, stately, informal, stable, worldly, vane,etc...

( These characteristics contribute, in different degrees, to make up the Expansive Person. See further details regarding the use of the two hemispheres in PROSOPOSCOPIA®)

The person characterised with a double b (Beta) is remarkably authoritative, capable, by subtle means, to motivate people in developing their professional skills. Has an open, joyful character and behaves in a self-confident manner. His/her optimistic and democratic way of being commands the confidence and respect of others. Is curious about innovations and about anyhting new or uncommon. Loves to get the most from life and is able to adapt quickly without any fear of the difficulties to be faced. He/she does not like "routine" and seeks variety as a source of challenges. Would gladly love to flee from the sedentary life to take up new activities, face new adventures and explore new territories. Sees achieving goals as a challenge and as a means of attaining fulfilment and esteem . Takes the first opportunity to establish his/her leadership, express his/her ideas and achieve his/her goals. Nevertheless has some weak points: is not aware of his/her abundant self-esteem. Is convinced he/she is right and never admits mistakes. This may reduce his/her charisma, built up over years of fostering good social and professional relations. Some people may decide to leave his/her sphere of influence. His/her popularity may thus vanish overnight.  His/her critical but constructive approach to solving problems, his/her joyfulness and sharp wit are all aspects of an extrovert character which not everyone may appreciate.

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