Some components of g/g Personal Profile

Attentive, balanced, cautious, circumspect, cold, concentrated, concise, conscientious, cultured, diplomatic, disciplined, discrete, emphatic, gloomy, honest, impassive, individualistic, inhibited, inscrutable, introspective, introvert, lonely, methodical, misogynous mistrustful, moderate, niggling, quiet, observant, obstinate, patient, precise, responsible, self-controlled, still, tenacious, reflective, reliable, reluctant, respectable, rigorous, rough, scrupulous, severe, sincere, stable, studious, tough, shy, wise, etc...

( These characteristics contribute, in different degrees, to make up the Concentrated  Person. See further details regarding the use of the two hemispheres in PROSOPOSCOPIA®)

Double g (Gamma) represents concentration in absolute. It is a world made of cold but correct rationality where there is very little left for spontaneity and the unexpected. The person gifted with such characteristics has a meditative and sanguine behaviour. Takes life very seriously and moves and acts accordingly. Reflection adds power to this character, leading him/her to distance him/herself from superficially bright people. Habitual common reactions are those typical of an introverted person: stopping and turning in on his/herself by seeking protection from life's outer events and from own inner states. Reacts quite differently from common people when criticised because is capable of finding a link between the outer and inner worlds. He/she is a concrete person, not a great talker, with a great sense of responsibility and perseverance, loving comfort and quietness and seeking certainties. Very patient, with a systematic approach, weighs pros and cons in all situations before taking a decision. Certainly is an individualist, trusting only in him/herself and preferring far and away working on his/her own rather than with others or delegating to others. The advantage of a person with this character is that he/she is not easily influenced by others; is capable of overcoming usual conventions by finding brand new solutions. Some people with this g concentration, are quite puritanical and convinced that life is only made of hard work if one wants to reach a certain comfort; pleasures can be postponed until everything is done as it should be. In relating to others, the g/g type is a wise and a very respected person. Obviously everything is relative to his/her free will in proportion to his/her conscience and knowledge on him/herself.

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