Anna Maria D'Amico Shaw

   Kavala (Greece) 
   Centro Studi R.U. & Consulenze Linguistiche, Mozzate (CO)
   Tel.  +39 0331 370768 -  Cell.+39 3396742938



Professional background
As from 24.02.1998

As from 1986 

Studio Associato SHAW D’AMICO – Lomazzo (CO) – Partner

Centro Studi Risorse Umane e Consulenze Linguistiche) Lomazzo (Como - Italy) 

  • Human resources:  Interviews and tests - Orientation in studies for teenagers; job orientation for adulds - Consultancy with own method G.R.O.  (Global Resources Overview)*
  • Languages:  Translating and interpreting in companies, fairs, etc., teaching English in schools, companies and privates. 
As from 1987 

As from 1991 

Self employed in the following activities:
  • translator and interpreter, dealing with abroad, especially with Greece and Turkey.
  • Teaching English to beginners, intermediates and  advanced.
1994-1987 Acted as junior consultant for AXIA, Milan, in projects and development of human resources.  Definition of personal profiles of the personnel in Guabello, Biella and other companies in Lombardy. 
1987-1985 COOPERS & LYBRAND Consulenti di Direzione SpA Milano. Started as responsible Secretary of the whole Group; then, after the division of the Group in four parts,  as secretary of the Bank Sector.  Activities of recrutee for the Research and Development Sector in testing candidates with the knowledge of foreign languages.
1985-1984:  ITALIAN-TURKISH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Milan. Secretary and interpreter.
1984-1980  THOMAS & BETTS S.p.A., Cinisello Balsamo. Milan. 
Corrispondent in foreign languages to the Managing Director and Marketing Director.   Responsible General Secretary and relating with Subsidiaries and Corporate.
1980-1979  ERCOLE MARELLI S.p.A, Sesto S.Giovanni, Milan. 
Interpreter and correspondent for the Commercial Area.
1979-1978 CANNING SCHOOL S.r.l., Milan. (Now Canning Italia Srl)
Temporary secretary.  PR  activities and inside sales.
1977-1975 SACCAB S.p.A., Trezzano s/N, Milano. 
Secretary to the President.  Activities in translations and interpreter.
1974-1970 INDUSTRIE PIRELLI S.p.A., Milano.
Responsible of the "Centro Insegnamento Lingue Estere" Organising foreign language courses for the Pirelli employees.  Contemporaneously, secretary to internal CANNING School.
1970-1968 TÜRK-PIRELLI LASTIKLERI A.S., Istanbul (TR).
Secretary to the Purchase Manager and Correspondant in foreign languages

1984-1980 Attended for more than four years the "'G I Gurdjieff Institute" under Monsieur Henri Thomasson's direct teachings and movements in Milan. 
As from 1980  Humanistic studies and comparative studies in the field of psychology.  Attended courses in Egyptology, "Spagiria"(Green Alchemy), and Astrology in order to verify integrate and complete other parallel studies in graphology,  physiognomy and body language.  Useful knowledge for statistics since 1989 on people's automatisms in relation to G.R.O (Globll Resources Overview) method*.
1983-1981 Attended for a couple of years the "'Università Statale di Milano" in the faculty "Lingue e Letteratura Moderna" with specialisation in modern Greek. 
1981-1980 High School  "Maturità tecnica" as private student in Milan at the" l'VIII Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Statale per periti Aziendali e Corrispondenti in Lingue Estere".
1964-1950 Elementary and Secondary school (languages) Istanbul - Turkey


Excellent Italian, English, French, Turkish and Greek
Quite good German
Fair spanish



 2005 G.R.O. (Global Resources Overview) up-dating CRIPTOGRAMMA® with 100 Personal Profiles.
As from 1994 (periodically) Organising and teaching English in various companies in the Province of Como, such as, Techno, Guanzate; Cattaneo Impianti, Lomazzo; MD Foods, Lomazzo; OMAS3, Veniano; Nuova Themas, Bregnano; MTA, Oltrona S.Mamete; Intech Automation, Lurago Marinone; Rapid Utensili, Olgiate Comasco; 2 Effe, Legnano; B&B, Cadorago, AL-LAN, Fenegrò; Robotecnica,Veniano; Sitec, Mozzate; Vesiel/Pay-Tec, Rovellasca; Kaiser+Krft, Lomazzo;  GMB Engineering, Bregnano (as from October 2020 todate..)
2007-1993 English teacher, the Open University "UNITRE Università della Terza Età" in Saronno. Since 2005 also as Modern Greek teacher.
1999-1997 Private English teacher in kindergardens, elementary schools in Lomazzo, Fenegrò and Lurago Marinone. As well as teaching English at an art and design school "Istituto ISA" in Lomazzo (CO).
Since 1995 Organising and teaching English for evening courses for managers, employees, workers and other people with different professions willing to learn and improve their English in the Province of Como.
1994-1993 Drafting of articles regarding GRO method being published in Italian magazines such as Management and Class
January 1992  CRIPTOGRAMMA®- Developping a software with 36 personal profiles (DOS version).
 Since 1991 PROSOPOSCOPIA®- Developping the chart of human trilogy.  That is, considering the other two parts of  the self; finding out which characteristics of the two hemispheres are more used also compared with the image (frontal photograph) of the person testing him/herself.  Complementary application to GRO (Global Resources Overview)* system.
February 1990 Developping the GRO method  with the design of  CRIPTOGRAMMA®(49 typological combinations, each with a personal profile).





Member, C.I.D.A. (Centro Italiano di Astrologia).

Member, UCPTS Confcommercio di Como

Member, ANITI (Associazione Nazionale Italiana Traduttori) 

February 1986 Translation of Margaret Anderson's "The Unknowable Gurdjieff" into Italian. (Own initiative, published by Gremese - Rome.  First edition 1989, second edition 1996.
April 1988 Translation of J.G.Bennett's "Sufi Spiritual Techniques"  into Italian. (Own initiative, not yet published).
January 1997  Translation of Mevlana's "The Knowledge Book", Istanbul Turkey, from Turkish/English into Italian. (Own initiative). Stopped for lack of time.

** Global Resources Overview is a deep study on people's tendencies and inclinations, dodecathegories and typological combinations.  Each typological combination is identified with 100 personal profiles.  36 profiles are available in a DOS software version  49 profiles in Windows .  The complete GRO questionnaire contains 100 questions.  The result appears in  CRIPTOGRAMMA® and PROSOPOSCOPIA®