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Here you can find two registered trademarks CRIPTOGRAMMA® and PROSOPOSCOPIA®     being part of a system  developed and registered in 1993 by Anna M D'Amico. 

You can find out more about how the system works by visiting the web pages at this site.   If you are interested, you can answer some of the  questions from CRIPTOGRAMMA®  test and find out which Personal Profile most fits you.  

You will also find information on all other services  offered by this Centre. Just click on the headings above and enjoy yourself.

Anna Maria D'Amico © since 1993 todate

CRIPTOGRAMMA®1993- 2023 e PROSOPOSCOPIA® 1993- 2023 

  STUDI RU & CONSULENZE -   Lomazzo e Montemezzo (CO) Italy     








Updated 21.02.14