d/d PROFILE : the EXPERT type

Some components of ddPersonal Profile

Activite, adaptable, anxious, appealling, arrogant, cautious, communicative, dynamic, dogmatic, elastic, euphoric, exhibitionist, extravagant, extrovert, fast, genial, gifted, informal, intelligent, interpreting, linguistically gifted, logical, loquacious, mediative, methodical, protagonist, rational, realistic, seeking fame, self-esteeming, self-confident, studious, turbolent, youthful, zealous.

(These characteristics contribute, in different degrees, to make up the Expert Person. See further details regarding the use of the two hemispheres in PROSOPOSCOPIA®)

The double combination of d (Delta) represents constant movement; it is theatrical flair. This person has an informal and unhibited behaviour: is active and exuberant in his/her protagonism, is a gifted speaker and actor and, in some other cases, a revolutionary. He/she is also gifted with strong decision-making capacities. Precocious as a child, knew how to organise in order to fix his/her way ahead early on. The speed of his/her thoughts, his/her comprehension and the way he/she remembers things is really amazing. Being a results-oriented person, has the tendency to see opportunities very easily. His/her character, having been invalidated by parental complexes and environmental factors, is now supported by delicacy, through intellectual sophism and by rationality. His/her personality is not an expression of inheritance or the environment but a functional reaction of the Self towards what he/she has inherited genetically and environmentally. His/her energy is beyond what his/her body could contain, and this, is some cases, could cause a few malfunctions such as nervous tics or stuttering. In any cases, his/her will is creative and rich in mental geniality, mediation and great diplomacy. Can make sense of things which others find meaningless. Nevertheless, this person has a defect: circumspection. His/her intelligence is not always used properly, and perceptions may be distorted by doubt; assaulted by such doubts he/she may cease to trust others. Some people may not feel at ease in his/her company, because, fearing they will be judged inferior, they are afraid of speaking too much or saying too little. This person could become an excellent salesman if he/she choses this profession. In relating to others, he/she is precise, persuasive and systematic, especially when able to give expression to his/her inspiration by means of lively conversation. A negative point which some of the people of this double d (Delta) combination may display, is an easy way with words and a certain disregard for the truth.


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